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Edible Ink & Refillable Cartridges Help & Support

Nothing coming out when printing?

A common issue when filling refillable cartridges is accidentally 'Airlocking' them.

This is when not enough time was given to let the ink fully soak the sponge inside the cartridge and stops the flow of ink.

To fix, simply take the affected cartridges out of the printer and take them to your sink. Remove the little rubber fill stopper located on the top of the cartridge until ink drips 1-2 times out of the sponge from the bottom of the cartridge, place back into your printer, perform 1 cleaning cycle to get it flowing again and your prints should be back to normal.

Printer still saying low ink even though you just topped up the cartridges?

No need to worry about this one, the cartridge auto-reset microchips work a little differently than you think and will only auto-reset back to full once the printer says cartridge empty. Then you simply take the cartridge in question out, pop it back in and the ink levels will reset to full. You should be able to press the OK button on your printer to continue to print even when it says low ink.

Cartridge not being recognised?

This can be a tricky one, usually it's as simple as giving the microchip on the cartridge a wipe with a slightly damp cloth to remove any dirt or dried ink. Just make sure to dry it before putting it back in your printer.

Faulty cartridges are rare but do exist, if you think you have one, let us know and we'll replace it for free.

Edible Ink Specification & Ingredients:

Black Ingredients:                                   Cyan Ingredients:

Solubiliser E1520                                       Solubiliser E1520 

Humectant E422                                        Humectant E422
Edible Colour E151                                     Edible Colour E133

     Edible Colour E110                                     Acidity Regulator E330
                                                         Edible Colour E102


Magenta Ingredients:                          Yellow Ingredients:

Solubiliser E1520                                   Solubiliser E1520
Humectant E422                                    Humectant E422
  Edible Colour E122                                Edible Colour E102
Acidity Regulator E330                            Edible Colour E122

                                                               Acidity Regulator E330

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