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Edible Printer Kits

Discounted Kits include printer, edible paper, edible ink and a set of cartridges


Edible Printer Kits 

Latest Canon Printer

We offer Canon printers

at discounted prices.

Choose from

Canon TS705

Canon TS6350 

Canon TS6351

Canon IX6850

Canon G Series

A Full Set Of Compatible Cartridges

We give you a full set of either

Refillable compatible ink cartridges these can be refilled up to 30 times.

Pre filled compatible cartridges

These cartridges are single use and cannot be refilled. 

Full Set Of Edible Ink

Full set of edible ink is supplied with the refillable cartridges kits only. 

High quality ink conforms to EU regulations. 

Produced by Kopyform in Germany.

High quality food grade ink for vivid and high resolution photo prints.

Suitable for all Canon inkjet printers, especially for the “G” series (with ink tanks).

This product is Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan and is Gluten free.

Get Started With Our Edible Papers

Each kit has either edible  wafer paper or edible icing or  both depending on what  starter kit you choose.

Decor Paper Plus - is specially designed for high resolution edible ink printing and gives you a superb photo-quality results. 

This product is Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan and is Gluten free.

Wafer Paper - High Quality Wafer Paper, ideal for use in edible printers for preparing cupcake toppers.

Wafer Card -Ideal for preparing stand-up cupcake toppers.

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