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E171 FREE Easy Peel Icing Sheets A4 


Now without titanium dioxide (E171)

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Decor Paper Plus NT without E171

Decor Paper Plus NT is a high quality edible paper for cake decoration. It has a smooth naturally white surface which results in brilliant color prints when used with edible inks from KOPYFORM. Decor Paper Plus NT got a subtle sweet vanilla taste.

Our Decor Paper Plus NT does not contain E171 titanium dioxide and thus meets the requirements of the newest EU regulation.

It is only slightly thicker than regular printing paper and can easily be fed and printed on by all Canon inkjet printer models.

Use Decor Paper Plus NT on all cake surfaces, including whipped cream and butter cream.

Create a thin layer of chocolate or jam on the backside of the sheets. All applications should be tested before producing a large batch.

Caution: We suggest to place the cake topper only moments before presentation of the cake. Use dry cooling and do not store in a cake box. Humidity will cause the sheets to wave and colours to run.

Thickness of Decor Paper Plus NT is approx. 0,50 – 0,60 mm.
One pack Decor Paper Plus NT A4 contains 25 sheets.
One Pack Decor Paper Plus A3 NT contains 30 sheets (3 x 10 sheets)

One pack of each size contains 24 sheets.

An unopened pack is best before 24 months (from date of production). Store dry at 18 – 22 °C.

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