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High Quality KOPYFORM Wafer (Rice) Paper, ideal for use in edible printers for preparing cupcake toppers. Printing on Wafer Paper is almost as easy as printing on regular paper. Wafer paper can also be baked onto bread, so is often used for personalising party breads as well as for edible place cards and business cards. Wafer Paper should not be used on whipped cream or butter cream toppings. Best results are obtained when applied to white icing or marzipan. Dry cake surfaces should be very lightly brushed with water before Wafer Paper is positioned on the cake. If the density of your printout is very high, Wafer Paper will curl. In order to flatten the paper again, allow  the paper to fully dry and then place a book or similar item on top for a short time. 


Wafer paper is approx. 0.35mm thick


INGREDIENTS: Potato Starch, Water, Vegetable Oil 


Edible Wafer Paper is suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans 

Wafer Paper A3


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