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Chocolate Transfer Sheets 


KOPYFORM Choco Sheets from Signalinkjet enable you to print any desired design (for example, a photo, a company logo or your favourite comic character) onto white chocolate. All you need is edible ink, an inkjet printer, and a Choco Sheet. Once you have printed your desired image on the Choco Sheet as mirror image, simply pour the warm (melted) chocolate on the sheet, using any mould. Once the chocolate has hardened, simply peel off the plastic backing sheet. The printed image will have transferred onto the chocolate surface as if by magic!


Choco Sheets® from Kopyform are transparent plastic transfer sheets for printing onto chocolate.

Kopyform Choco Sheets® are laminated with a real cocoa butter mixture and make it easy to print onto chocolate.

Logos, photos, and graphics can be transferred onto chocolate with Choco Sheets®.

Product Details

Choco Sheets® are coated transfer sheets which can be printed with edible inks from Kopyform. Choco Sheets® make it easy to manufacture truffles with personalized logos.

Choco Sheets® are available in A4 (210 x 297 mm) and Mini (125 x 265 mm).

The packing unit is 25 sheets, the shelf life is 12 months if they are stored cool (15 to 20 degrees C) and dry.


Corn flour, Cocoa Butter, Sugar, Dried Egg White, Skimmed Milk Powder, Thickener E1422, Potato Flour, Water, Olive Oil, Salt 


Printing must be done on the laminated part of the Choco Sheets® in “mirror image” (T-shirt print). The print quality option of your printer should be set to “High”. The Choco Sheets® should be fed through the front feeder of your printer. Printing on white chocolate is highly recommended since edible ink can hardly be seen on dark chocolate. Ample drying time must be allowed for the printed sheet. Edible ink on the Choco Sheets® has to be completely dry before chocolate is applied. Once your room temperature is approximately 20 degrees C and the humidity in the room is less than 50 pc, tempered chocolate can be applied to the Choco Sheets®. After the chocolate has cooled down, the Choco Sheets® can be removed and the design should have been transferred onto the chocolate.

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