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Edible Printing Supplies


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We are the UK leading supplier of edible printing supplies.

We are the sole distributor for Kopyform edible inks, edible wafer paper, Decor Plus icing sheets and Kopyform fondant paper  

Edible Ink

High quality ink from Kopyform.

Conforms to EU regulations. Vibrant colours

Long shelf life.

Ideal for Canon and Epson printers

Specially formulated to pro-long the life of printheads.


Edible Wafer Paper

Wafer Paper is an inexpensive starch-based edible paper from Kopyform. It tastes neutral and has a slightly ribbed surface.

The sheets can easily be printed with Canon inkjet printers with a motif of your choice.

Wafer Paper from Kopyform can be used for in many ways. 

The thickness of Wafer Paper standard is approx. 0.35 mm.
The thickness of Wafer Paper Premium is approx. 0.60 mm.
One pack contains 25 sheets.

Edible Fondant Sheets

Kopyform’s Fondant Paper (Sugar Paper) is a great choice for creating your own cake toppers. The delicious sweet taste and soft texture provide that “melt in your mouth” feel that everyone loves. The sheets can be used on dry cake surfaces, such as our Arctic White® fondant or almond paste. The smooth surface is perfect for high quality and vivid prints.

Fondant Paper is slightly thicker than regular printing paper and can easily be fed and printed on by all Canon inkjet printer models.


Edible Decor Plus

Decor Paper Plus is a high quality edible paper for cake decoration. It has a smooth white surface which results in brilliant color prints when used with edible inks from KOPYFORM. Decor Paper Plus got a subtle sweet vanilla taste.

It is only slightly thicker than regular printing paper and can easily be fed and printed on by all Canon inkjet printer models.

Use Decor Paper Plus on all cake surfaces, including whipped cream and butter cream.

Edible Ink Cartridges

Edible ink cartridges from Kopyform are filled with high quality edible ink.

Edible ink cartridges are available in different colors.

Edible Ink has been developed by Kopyform specifically for printing on edible paper with Canon inkjet printers.

Prints with edible ink on edible paper from Kopyform have intense colors and exceptional brilliance.


Start Your Own Edible Printing Business

Signalinkjet has put together complete edible print packages to help you start on the road to your edible print business. The packages include printer, edible papers, edible cartridges and edible ink at discounted prices.

Silhouette Cameo 4 Digital Cutting Tool

The Silhouette Cameo 4 12″ Digital Desktop Cutting Tool Offers The User A Faster Cut Speed, Greater Power And More Cutting Options. Ideal for Decor, Icing,& Edible Wafer sheets from Signalinkjet. 

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