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Crown Branded White Self-Adhesive Labels

Multi-Purpose A4

Die Cut 99.1mm x 93.1mm

6 label per A4 sheet

100 sheets per box 600 labels per pack 

500 sheets per box 3,000 labels per pack 

1000 sheets per box 6,000 labels per pack 


Self-adhesive labels designed to meet all your business needs and are compatible with all major office printers.

The labels are made from a high quality grade of paper with permanent adhesive as standard. Suitable for copiers, laser printers, inkjet printers and word processors.

They are suitable for single sheet feed or auto-feed printers.

Use them on almost everything - stationery, packaging and personal use.

6 Per Sheet Multi-Purpose A4 White Self-Adhesive Label - Die Cu 99.1mm x 93.1mm


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